Gold Stock Analyst 2018 Conference


The GSA Value Index is a rough metric that uses GSA's proprietary Market Cap/oz database compiled since 1994 to estimate the potential upside of the current Top10 portfolio based on the current price of gold. For instance, based on the gold price of $1,069/oz on the December 29, 2015 Comex close, we judged gold stocks to be trading as if the gold price was at $508/oz. Thus, the GSA Value Index had gold stocks undervalued by 53%.


In the February 2018 issue...

of GSA-Pro we discuss Pretium Resouurces recent stock price plunge which illustrates the adage "you never really know what grade you have until you mine and process it". We also report on the following stocks: Agnico Eagle, Alacer Gold, Alio Gold, Argonaut, Alamos, Anglogold, Asanko Gold, B2Gold, Barrick, Brio Gold and Buenaventura. Plus recent news of our Top 10 stocks and our regular data charts of all Pro stocks.

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